Time@Control: The Complete Time Attendance Solution
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TIME@CONTROL has a wealth of features that you can take advantage of in your organization.
  • A whole lot of processes have been identified to be generic between various Industries. To manage and deploy such processes, dharma.h has its proprietary products – which are designed with a lot of research so that the Application becomes the right fit for your organization. We invite you to explore dharma.h's Product gamut.

  • There is no predefined leave category so that you can create leave categories according to your company norms. You can add as many leave categories as you want and map the policy that your organization follows. Time@Control's flexi - leave policy mapping system allows you to map disperse leave policies for various employees individually or as a group. You can create Leave policies on the basis of Department or Designation or simply a Global Leave Policy – which is applicable to all the Employees of the organization.

  • This time control system allows you to select the type of structure your organization follows thus helping you to serve you better.

  • Your organization may be having multiple shifts. For any time control system it is very difficult to maintain a proper record if there is a date change between the IN and the OUT time. But Time@Control manages it intelligently and gives you the exact report even in the case of a night shift. So if you have multiple shifts in your organization, Time@Control is ready to serve you accurately in the best possible hassle free way.

  • It keeps track on the number of leaves taken by each employee. If you want to check the leave record of an employee then TIME@CONTROL enables you to do so in no time.

  • The intelli - Absence Report gives the list of employees who were absent or on leave on any specific day or any specified period. You can get the Absence Report on the basis of Department or Designation or Shift.

  • It can happen sometimes that an employee has missed to out punch while leaving. This can happen either by mistake or can be done deliberately by someone. Discrepancy Report records these discrepancies and whenever you want you can just look at this report in order to check whether anyone is doing this repeatedly and intentionally.

  • This system is very user friendly. It allows you to export and save the intelli - reports in any of the above mentioned format. Thus it helps you to maintain a record of the details you want.

  • The intelli – audit feature records the login time and the person who has logged in. This feature is provided so as to help you get the login history.

  • All the reports have advanced search and filter options so as to help you to search and sort the list in a report as per your choice or requirement. You can also edit the filter options.

  • There are many employees in your organization who have been working for several years. They may have got several promotions and may have even shifted departments, but if you want to get the history of an employee from the company’s employee record book then it will become time consuming and cumbersome. Isn’t it? Here is the solution to it. TIME@CONTROL stores all those historic details of every employee and it will be available to you in just seconds.


    Moreover it also records the details of shift changes and weekly off changes of all the employees whenever a change is made.

  • Different organizations have different OT, Weekly Off and Leave Policies. So Time@Control gives you the liberty to set your own organization’s policies. Time@Control allows you to set same OT Rate for all the employees as well as a specific OT Rate as per department and designation.


    Weekly Offs can also be made Global or it can be customized. You can set the weekly offs in all possible combinations as per your organizational rules.

  • You can customize the weekly off as per your organization’s rules. TIME@CONTROL allows you to set the weekly offs in all possible combinations. Weekly Offs can be made Global or customized as one day off, 2days off or even if you want 1 and ½ days off then also it is possible.

  • Calculating overtime is one of the most complex tasks in any time management system. TIME@CONTROL does it efficiently and with 100% accuracy. Moreover it allows you to set same OT Rate for all the employees as well as a specific OT Rate as per department and designation. Inteli - Time@Control OT Report gives you the overtime report for any period of time as per department or designation. The system also allows you to specify whether an employee is eligible for overtime or not.

  • This system has the provision where you can feed the yearly holiday list of your organization. The system then considers those days as holidays and the attendance report and overtime report are generated accordingly.

  • This is a feature which is not commonly found in other time control systems.


    Does your organization work on rotational shifts? Then it must be very tedious work to allocate different shift to all the employees every week? TIME@CONTROL makes the work simpler. It provides you with a feature where you can allocate a particular shift to “n” number of employees within a second, thus saving a lot of time and labor. Moreover you can do the shift allocation earlier but the changes will come into effect from the date that you have specified for the new shift allocation.

  • You can take a backup of your employee database any time you want. In case of any severe malfunctioning you the entire database can be restored very easily.

  • This system is compatible with Hand Punch, Bio Station and Time Attendance devices.