Time@Control: The Complete Time Attendance Solution
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Are you wasting hours of your book-keepers time every month manually tallying up your Time and Attendance data? Is your time and attendance data inaccurate and unreliable due to poor or non existent proper record keeping? Maybe you are using an old style mechanical punch clock and you have continual problems with buddy punching? Or maybe you are using a system which does not serve all your purposes?


TIME@CONTROL is time attendance tracking software that can help you solve all of these problems. What’s more it can generate completely accurate IN-OUT REPORT, OVERTIME REPORT, MONTHLY ATTENDANCE REPORT, LEAVE REPORTS and many other such reports which will help you gain control over your Organizations Time Attendance System in seconds.


With in-built BI (Business Intelligence) - this is by far the best tool your Organization can have - keeping in mind Organizational Dynamics, Growth, Security, Flexibility, Reliability and over all Adaptability.