Time@Control: The Complete Time Attendance Solution
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Time@ControlThe complete Time Attendance Solution is a Robust Application architect, keeping in mind Organizational Policy Adaptation so that it can merge seamlessly with your organizational HR Policies and Guidelines, Enhanced Business Intelligence, Inteli-sense Reporting and Analytics, to provide you complete control over your organizational attendance.


Time@Control is built for Plug and Play with any Time Attendance Devices (Biometric / Smart Card Devices). This allows you the freedom of keeping your organizational data in one place and not be bound to any Device Vendor. You have the flexibility to use a chic looking Device for indoor Office Applications and at the same time use a Robust Industrial Device for Factory and Industrial use – keeping all you time attendance details in one single application.

  • Intelligent Time@Control Dashboard
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Historic Details of Employee
  • Flexi Policy Allocation
  • Leave Management
  • Customizable Leave Categorization
  • Absence Management
  • Matrix / Hybrid and Vertical Organizational Structure
  • Complex Overlapping Shift Management
  • Quick Shift Allocation
  • Customizable Weekly Off Settings
  • Flexi Overtime Settings
  • Yearly Holiday Management
  • Intelli-Reports featuring advanced Analytics
  • Data Backup and Restoration
  • Intuitive User Friendly GUI
  • Supports any Time Attendance Device